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MarinHealth’s new Oak Pavilion facility features BANYAN’s next-generation virtual care delivery system which transforms bedside care and transcends the four walls of the hospital.  Each BANYAN patient room is outfitted with virtual care technology that enables providers and nurses to share real-time information with patients and their families regarding their plan of care and clinical condition and provides patients with on-demand access to education, entertainment, hospital information and virtual care staff. BANYAN’s virtual care solution provides care that is patient-needs driven, including patient education and comprehensive case management – therefore improving the patient and family experience while reducing length of stay, preventing readmissions and improving quality outcomes.

In the operating room, BANYAN’s Corridor Procedural platform integrates multiple sources of patient information including radiology images, video, IT applications and room controls into a single user interface. This technology reduces time under anesthesia, supply costs, complications and length of stay in the hospital while improving clinical outcomes.

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Patient Experience:

BANYAN’s virtual solutions elevate the complete patient experience by increasing individualized attention during their hospital stay and post-discharge through our “follow you home” TeleCare app which continues the virtual care experience throughout recovery.

The customized in-room display features an education portal that provides patients and their caregivers important information regarding their condition, medication and treatments. Banyan’s fall risk monitoring provides continuous safety observation which gives family and bedside care team members peace of mind. Virtual Case Managers and Social Workers ensure that patients have access to the necessary resources post-discharge to successfully complete their individualized care plan.

Clinical Staff Experience:

BANYAN’s virtual solution creates highly specialized care team roles, reducing footsteps and interruptions with one-click collaboration, allowing Marin’s bedside nurses and the entire care team to practice top-of-license care with more time in patient rooms meeting patient care needs and the continued support of caregivers.

Marin Virtual Care Team

  • Safety Companions
  • Case Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Pharmacy Techs
  • Intensivists
  • CNA’s

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