Project S.N.A.P. - MarinHealth - Introducing the new Oak Pavilion

MarinHealth Hospital

Take a virtual stroll through the Project S.N.A.P. - "Be a Part of The Big Picture - Add Your Voice!" Booth.

Be a Part of the Big Picture - Add Your Voice!

Join this collaboration and create an artwork that will become a part of our digital mosaic.

Project Snap Marin Health Logo

We’ve asked staff, patients and our community to contribute personal art pieces that we’ll use to form a collective mosaic that
showcases the new hospital. Here are examples for inspiration. Please join us by adding something you create.
Click the “Submit Your Artwork” button below for instructions.

Marin Health My Healing Place


“At MarinHealth Medical Center, our patient towers are shaped like an ‘H’ which truly stands for the service we provide. When you combine a state of the art facility with exceptional care, you end up with the best healing environment. The ‘H’, not only stands for hospital, but it stands for health, healing, heart, hope, and plenty of hugs for our community.” – Mike M.

Stronger Together Microsite


“The healing environment at MarinHealth encourages all of us to care for our selves and to care for our colleagues which helps us better care for our patients. We are stronger together even when we are apart.” – Casey S.


Giving Artwork


“I am inspired by the word ‘giving’ because of our family of physicians, nurses, staff, volunteers, and community members who each contribute so much in their own way.” – Julie H.

Kindness Artwork


Artworks can be submitted by employees, physicians, volunteers, contractors, and community members. You are invited to leave a legacy by adding your voice to the “big picture”.

A Closer Look at a Digital Mosaic

Check out this example of the type of mosaic mural that will be created by combining our artworks together.
You’ll be able to zoom into the final mosaic to find your individual contribution.

Earth Mosaic
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