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MarinHealth Medical Center

It started as a simple vision: To serve our growing community and provide you with an exceptional, patient-centered healing place.

naming Opportunities

Remaining as of September 2020

Gifts of $50,000 or more to the Building Better Health Campaign are eligible for exclusive named recognition. Should you wish to speak with a Foundation officer directly to inquire about naming a space, please contact MarinHealth Foundation at 1-415-925-7770
or email

Medical Center$40,000,000
Public Spaces
Conference Room (2)
(available in Nursing Unit 2 or 3)
Maternity Care
Maternity Care$7,500,000
Labor & Delivery Unit$5,000,000
Consultation Room (2)$100,000
Care Station (3)$100,000
Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum Room (LDRP)$50,000
Labor & Delivery Triage Room (4)$50,000
NICU Patient Room$50,000
Emergency Department
Emergency Department
Treatment Room (12)$50,000
Imaging Department
Imaging Department$7,500,000
CT Scan Room$150,000
Staff Lounge$150,000
Intensive Care Unit
Intensive Care Unit$7,500,000
Patient Room$50,000
Nursing Unit 1 — Medical/Surgical
Nursing Unit 1$5,000,000
Visitor Lounge$500,000
Staff Lounge$150,000
Consultation Room$100,000
Care Station (1)$100,000
Patient Room$50,000
Nursing Unit 2 — Medical/Surgical
Nursing Unit 2$5,000,000
Visitor Lounge$500,000
Care Station (2)$100,000
Patient Room$50,000
Nursing Unit 3 — Medical/Surgical
Nursing Unit 3$5,000,000
Visitor Lounge$500,000
Staff Lounge$150,000
Care Station (4)$100,000
Patient Room$50,000
Surgery Center$7,500,000
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